Somebody’s trying to kill Dani Silver.

After a vicious attack, Dani has to recover, then find a way to get even with a pair of crooks. Her one advantage–the think they succeeded.

Dani brings in the usual gang–Cincinnati Bob, the forger, Sammy the computer hacker, Patty Kreel and Merle Crookshanks and the ACE, as well as a pair of newcomers from TAP DOUBT–Felina Collazzi and…Nick Kuiper, her long lost love.

Dani’s got an idea–maybe her oddest one yet–to convince the bad guys that she’s not just dead–she’s come back to haunt them.

Can Dani and crew take out a multi-million-dollar land scam? Will she and Nick finally get back together?

Find out in…The Blonde with the Dangerous ‘Do.