She’s Got The Devil In Her Heart – Not on Amazon Yet
Monk’s in California, in dire straits. Sal Leon, the gangster, has him captive with an aim to maim. Bonnie may—or may not—be an accomplice to that goal, which isn’t a good thing, considering Monk was considering proposing.
Lou and Cassidy are still in Chicago, spying on crooked Aldermen, threatened by a flooded basement and aggressive jocks. Their vacation suddenly cut short by having no money, they travel cross-country in a very hot car to find out why.
Can they rescue Monk? Does he need to be rescued? Is Bonnie involved in this somehow? And most important (especially to the always-avaricious Cassidy) Where’s the money?
There’s action, romance and the usual humor in the exciting third part of the Lou Fleener PI series.