“The fight scenes between Detective Lou Fleener and just about everyone else are unparalleled. I never knew physical violence could be so much fun.”

“This is a great noir novel full of action, guns and money and I loved the characters.”

“You got your mobsters, your muscle, your private detective, your movie star looking sidekick, your slightly blowzy secretary turned crime crusaders and co-conspirators.”

After the success of Missing Amanda, Lou Monk and Cassidy are hired by an old Jewish woman who survived the concentration camps of WWII, only to find her Nazi guard living next door. They’re fighting Nazis this time. Seriously.You’ll be shocked at the ending

Erich Klaussner is the leader of a secret group of Nazi wanabees. They think it’s all about dressing up and pretending. Erich knows it a lot more than that.

Lou and Cassidy search for clues about Erich and his scheme, while Monk and his new friend Bonnie are kidnapped and tortured.

Can they stop the Nazis from committing a new attack on America?