“Timothy Hallinan, Lawrence Block, and Donald Westlake—If you like their books I guarantee you’ll love Missing Amanda.”

“Great characters and story.Cannot wait for the next books in the series. Small time guy makes it big, and gets the girl.”

“The plot twist at the end will leave you laughing out loud.”

Revenge is a dish best served alive

Chicago in 1958 is a very dangerous place. When private eye Lou Fleener and his friend Dion Monkton are tricked into helping a Chicago mob boss in his takeover of Mayor Daley’s office, it makes the other mobs angry enough to kill.

Through guns and bombs and the unsteady affections of Cassidy Logan, a blonde with a heart for pure gold, the scary attentions of a hit man who prefers a scalpel to a .38 and a baseball fan who’ll kill them if the Cubs lose, Lou and Monk devise an amazing plan of vengeance against the mobs. All of them.At the same time.

If it works, they’ll be rich. And who knows – maybe even alive.

In the style of Donald Westlake and Timothy Hallinan, Missing Amanda is thrilling, surprising, delightfully entertaining story of unexpected love, impossible odds and an amazing ending.