The Smoothest Con Man That Ever Lived

In 1923, Victor Lustig (the same guy who sold the Eiffel Tower—twice) was busy selling “The Money Box,” a devise that transformed one-dollar bills into hundred-dollar bills. He got forty-thousand each for them and used the money to con Al Capone.

Now it’s 1982 and Leroy Logan and “Fast” Kate are going it one better – using one of these new computers, he’s convinced Chuckie Butts – the self-styled Sewer King of Kansas, that the machine can syphon money wirelessly from the bank.

It’s brilliant and can’t possibly go wrong.

Of course things go wrong, when a knife-wielding gangster wants in and Kate and Dixie have to raise enough money to keep Leroy alive long enough to make a profit.

Come along for the silliest computer fraud ever attempted—decades before those Nigerian Princes.